2019 Winter Forum: The internationalisation research agenda

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    December 2019
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The EAIE is a professional organisation largely dedicated to helping practitioners network among relevant peers and partners, and expand their knowledge base with respect to the work they do in the field. But, internationalisation can also be understood as a subject of study, examined by scholars, policymakers, consultants and even practitioners themselves, all of whom are trying to get a better handle on the contours of this phenomenon in order to better understand current dynamics and enhance future practice.

This issue of Forum aims to provide insight into the current state of play of research on internationalisation, and to advance the conversation about the kinds of issues and ideas that should frame a research agenda for the future.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Coming to terms – Hilary Kahn
Pinning down the terms and terminology of our debate

09 Internationalisation for society – Uwe Brandenburg, Elspeth Jones & Betty Leask
A plea for a socially-engaged research agenda

12 Towards carbon-neutral international education – Pii-Tuulia Nikula
Three paths of inquiry to bring us to a sustainable future

14 Examining the impact of virtual exchange – Ana Beaven & Robert O'Dowd
An exploration of where virtual exchange belongs in institutional strategy

17 Work in progress: the Swiss research agenda – Maria Stergiou
How research is informing national policy in Switzerland

20 Joining hands for cross-sectoral research – Adinda van Gaalen & Anne Rosier
The synergies between secondary and higher education

22 In conversation with Roberta Bassett – Laura E. Rumbley
A look at how the World Bank translates research into global solutions

26 At the intersection of multicultural and international – Ines Maturana Sendoya
Insights gained from switching lanes mid-career

29 Creative collaborations in the third space – Courtney Hartzell & Tanja Reiffenrath
Blurring the boundary between scholar and practitioner

32 Taking the PhD plunge – Fiona Hunter & Visnja Schampers-Car
One recent graduate’s account of doing research on internationalisation

35 Looking to the future – Delia Heneghan & Dean Hristov
How internationalisation research can keep up with the pace of globalisation

38 The long road ahead – The path to high-quality, high-impact research on internationalisation

41 EAIE blog spot

42 Barcelona: Catalonia's cultural capital – Anna Bueno
The host city of the 2020 EAIE Conference is sure to inspire

47 Events calendar

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