2019 Spring Forum: The evolving classroom

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    April 2019
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Higher education institutions have become more internationally focused than ever before, with a geographically and culturally diverse staff and student body increasingly becoming the norm. This has a direct effect on classrooms. For example, curricula include internationally relevant subject matter and make use of pedagogical techniques that facilitate intercultural learning. Technological innovations, facilitated by globalisation, have also expanded the possibilities for international and intercultural teaching and learning. This issue aims to address these questions, explore ways that the internationalisation of the university classroom can expand, and analyse current and future implications for the higher education sector more generally.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Unpacking the international classroom – Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans & Karen M. Lauridsen
A look at what makes a classroom truly international

10 Global perspectives on the galaxy – Andrea Kingwell
Students on opposite sides of the globe gaze up at the same star

13 The evolving campus – Marloes Ambagts, Claudia Bulnes & Eveke de Louw
The learning environment extends far beyond the walls of the lecture hall

16 Bringing the world to the Japanese classroom – Hiroko Akiba, Yukako Yonezawa & Kazuko Suematsu
The classroom is also evolving for students who never study abroad

19 Faculty development for the caring professions – Mette Jørgensen, Anders Riel Müller & Rikke Pedersen
A changing society necessitates international training for teachers

22 In conversation with Eric Mazur – Jacob Gibbons
Harvard physicist and developer of the 'peer instruction' method

26 Virtual enterprises – Svenja Zenz
Business students build intercultural competence in virtual classrooms

29 Agile internationalisation – Paul Doyle
Software teams spread across the globe prepare students for careers in IT

32 Decolonising international education – Eve Court
Recalibrating the curriculum for equitable global citizenship

35 Universal design for international learning – Frederic Fovet
A promising approach toward including international students

38 Integrating refugees via self-regulated learning – Magdalena Lukosz
Self-study periods help turn asylum-seeking students into lifelong learners

41 An ode to learning: Helsinki Central Library
Oodi Library in Helsinki is a temple of learning and a house of democracy

45 EAIE blog spot

47 Events calendar

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