2018 Spring Forum: Our gendered world

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    April 2018
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    • Student experience
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Gender plays a major role in the organisation of society and the ways that individuals frame their own identities. While gender meanings vary from culture to culture, they continue to play a part in everything from the clothes we wear to how we communicate to our social roles. Gender also clearly informs patterns of educational and professional life. This issue of Forum aims to showcase various perspectives on what gender means in the context of internationalisation.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Women on the move – Rajika Bhandari
The gender dimensions of academic mobility

09 A view from the developing world – Gudrun Chazotte & Andrée Sursock
Combatting the gender divide through collaboration

12 Spreading the word in support of gender balance – Anna Sadecka
A look at Nepalese students in Poland

15 Gender inequality in the curricula – César Álvarez Alonso & Xiana Sotelo
The importance of incorporating gender in teaching materials

18 Female researchers leap ahead – Andrea Flora Bauer & Patricia Zweifel
Women making strides in the antelope career programme at the University of Basel

21 Shattering the academic glass tank – Joanna Bagniewska
Women aren’t only prevented from moving ‘up’ in STEM

24 Roaming around – Simona Torotcoi
Young Roma, Gypsy and Travellers as international scholars

28 In conversation with Joanna Regulska – Laura Rumbley, EAIE
A UC Davis Professor and gender studies researcher on her committment to diversity

32 Reflecting on intersectionality – Frederic Fovet
Are we looking at international students through a unidimensional lens?

35 Outside the binary – Mata Haggis
The gender dichotomy isn’t for everyone

38 Somewhere over the rainbow? – Jonny Johnston
Preparing LGBTQ students for mobility

42 Diversity: a concern for us all – Robert Coelen
Embracing differences is just good business

45 Time’s up: for universities, too – Jessica Price
Confronting #MeToo within our institutions

48 The University of Geneva: promoting human rights for all – University Of Geneva
The EAIE Geneva 2018 university partner has a new Summer School programme

51 EAIE blog spot

55 Events calendar

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