2015 Summer Forum: Strategic partnerships

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    July 2015
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    • Partnerships and networks

Theme: Strategic partnerships

Establishing strategic partnerships, nurturing them, and making sure that all parties are satisfied can be challenging. Why do so many higher education institutions embark upon these arrangements? The possibility of pooling resources and sharing experiences is too enticing to pass up.

Table of contents

04 Editorial – Laura Rumbley

05 Contributors

06 The triple crown of partnerships? – Ursula Hans
Strategic partnerships raise great expectations

09 Look small, think big – Angela Maffeo, Javier Velázquez, Saornil & Christina Schönbacher
The advantages of partnering up with smaller universities

12 Partnerships beyond higher education institutions – Clare Mills & Mark Hughes
Alliances with corporations

14 In conversation with Simon Marginson – Leasa Weimer & Laura Mesquita
The Director at University College London’s new Centre for Global Higher Education

18 Cultural awareness & negotiated space – Robin Helms
Discussing culture and ethics makes for better partnerships

21 Using strategic entrepreneurs to build strategic partnerships – Alison Pearce
Entrepreneurial academic staff can be a real asset in partnership-building

24 100 years of IIE: from student mobility to strategic engagement – Daniel Obst & Clare Banks
Looking back on changes in the field 100 years after the inauguration of IIE

27 In search of added value – Han Aarts
A strategic shift in the Netherlands, putting emphasis on bilateral cooperation

30 Developing strategic research-based partnerships – Innes Ireland
The role academic staff can play in creating durable partnerships

33 U4 network: institutional development through trust – Uwe Muus, Marco Lange& Avril von Hoyningen-Huene (*Editor's pick)
Four comparable European universities, one goal

36 Are strategic partnerships a route towards multinational universities? – Hannu Seristö
Internationalisation is an institutional goal almost everywhere, but why have universities remained nationally organised?

38 Using speed networking techniques to find the right institutional partner – Christopher Medalis
Tips and tricks to help you network effectively at the upcoming Annual EAIE Conference

41 EAIE Blog spot
Online news, views and insights

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