2015 Spring Forum: Equity in access

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  • Publication date
    May 2015
  • Topics
    • Student experience
    • Mobility

Theme: Equity in access

Equity and respect for diversity are vital but challenging matters. When these issues extend beyond national borders, matters are further complicated. Exploring different layers of exclusion in higher education and best practices is a good start.

Table of contents

04 Editorial – Laura Rumbley
05 Contributors
06 In conversation with commissioner Tibor Navracsics
Plans and projects of the European Commissioner for
Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
10 Same but different – Stuart Billingham
Respecting diversity while promoting equality
13 Unmasking inequalities – Tamsin Hinton-Smith
The lone parent experience in international academia
16 Beyond just the degree – Mirka Tvaruzkova
Can gender equality in access push societal change?
18 Mind the gap – Miriam Langeveld & Helene Bernot Hullero
The gender gap is far from closed, but there’s hope
21 Hurdles & Opportunities – Kees Smit
Benefits of giving immigrant students a chance
24 Equity through recognition – Anthony Vickers
Grading after the mobility period
26 Action-based learning that makes a difference – Nora Ann Colton
A case study from the University of East London
29 Moving with the times – Glenda Crosling
Using technology and contemporary teaching to maximise
student potential
32 (No) Limits – Ann Heelan & Leen Thienpondt
Mobile students with disabilities speak of their experiences
34 Barriers to inclusive mobility – Victor Piorecky
How poor services limit the choices of special needs students
36 Effective inclusion – Michele Scheib
Making inclusion of special needs students a reality
38 Putting the international in equity – Graeme Atherton (*Editor's pick)
Access beyond national boundaries
41 Blog spot
Online news, views and insights
42 Centuries of excellence: Scottish higher education
The past, present and future
51 Events calendar
Upcoming events in the field

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