2014 Summer Forum: Transnational education

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    July 2014
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    • Learning, teaching & curriculum
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Theme: Transnational education

What is Transnational education (TNE)? Where does it fit in the current context of international education? What is the future of TNE? This issue features an interview with industry expert Jane Knight, and a look at Czech language and literature in light of EAIE Prague 2014.

Table of contents

04 Editorial – Laura Rumbley

05 Contributors

08 Transnational education – Jason E. Lane & Kevin Kinser
A maturing phenomenon

11 Who is the TNE student? – Kevin van-Kauter
Common traits and shared ambitions

14 Branch campus development – Vicky Lewis
Marketing expertise required

17 Transnational, bi-national, international? – Stephan Geifes & Susanne Kamműller
The German approach

20 In conversation with Jane Knight
Internationalisation and TNE expert

25 Adapting curricula for success – Robert Coelen (*Editor's pick)
A fine balancing act

28 A question of quality – Rahul Choudaha
Increasing concerns

30 What’s in a word? – Tom Palaskas & Cathy Hall-van den Elsen
Defining equivalence and comparability for quality TNE

33 Campus extension – Sabine Klahr
A low risk, high benefit model

36 TNE for all? – Jane Knight & John McNamara
Host country impact explored

40 TNE in Greece – Vangelis Tsiligiris
A driver of economic recovery?

44 Transitory or here to stay? – William Lawton & Saskia Jensen
The future of TNE

48 Czech language and literature – Martin Glogar
The international ebb and flow

50 EAIE Blog spot
Online news, views and insights

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