2011 Spring Forum

  • Forum magazine
  • Publication date
    April 2011

This issue features an interview with Jo Ritzen where he shares his concerns about underfunding of European universities; an exploration of higher education in the UK which touches on the pressures on institutions to provide low cost, fast-track training; and a spotlight on education hubs.

Table of contents

02 Editorial – Michael Cooper

06 Member news
Introducing an EAIE Host University, On your behalf, EAIE Awards

07 EAIE Academy – Ruth Graf
The new professional development event

08 A matter of concern – Han Aarts
Universities and global development challenges

11 Quality careers in Lithuania – Paul Hacking & Jeanne Booth
FEDORA members report

13 Books & websites

14 Handbook internationalisation – Jürgen Kohler

16 Digitally yours – Marieke Maas
The new DSDP taskforce

18 Re-examining and redefining internationalisation – Richard Yelland
An OECD initiative

20 The Winding Road of Life – Jim Frey
Reflections on a career in international higher education

22 Generating knowledge
An introduction to Copenhagen’s HE system

26 The Voice of Jeremiah – Michael Woolf
International higher education in the UK

30 Jo Ritzen – Leonard Engel
An interview

34 Education Hubs –  Jane Knight
A fad, a brand or an innovation?

38 Rethinking mobility – Hanneke Teekens
Internationalisation is here to stay

42 Talking head – EAIE
An interview with Ole Petter Ottersen

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