EAIE Conference Conversation Starter 2017

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    May 2017
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A mosaic of cultures

EAIE Seville 2017 conference participants can access The Conference Conversation Starter e-book via their registration email and will get a printed copy in their conference bag. EAIE members can download the e-book at any time.

This year’s Conference Conversation Starter features seven thought-provoking essays that illuminate the past and present challenges that shape the future of international education. Authors and experts in the field of higher education, including Philip Altbach, Norbert Sabic and Marijk van der Wende, thoughtfully weave this year’s conference theme, ‘a mosaic of cultures’ into their essays. Topics such as an inclusive European identity, nationalism and anti-globalisation sentiments are the focus of this slim volume that is meant to stimulate thought, discussion and debate at the 29th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Seville. Readers are invited to wander through the pages and contemplate how these broader topics cause us to think deeply about the work we do to intentionally and creatively develop the internationalisation of higher education.

— Edited by Leasa Weimer.

Table of Contents

v Foreword — Laura E. Rumbley
01 Introduction — Leasa Weimer
Understanding the past
05 Revisiting the past: towards an inclusive understanding of the multicultural legacy of Europe — Elena Arigita
11 Internationalisation of higher education between strategy and tactics: business as usual… — Amélia Veiga
Tackling the present
17 Nationalism: The end of higher education internationalisation? — Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit
23 Harmony or cacophony? The story of an international university in Hungary — Norbert Sabic
Building a more inclusive future
29 Internationalisation futures in light of anti-globalisation sentiments — Marijk van der Wende
37 Challenges – and a future for internationalisation – in Arab higher education — Sultan T. Abu-Orabi
43 Teacher education for a global future — Elaine Munthe
49 About the authors

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