Essential reading list

Top 10 absolute must-reads for international higher education professionals

New publications on internationalisation of higher education come out every day and, as a busy professional, it might be difficult to keep up with all that is current and interesting. With this in mind, we have put together a list of essential resources that you shouldn't miss out on (in no particular order). 

1. The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education 
Darla K. Deardorff, Hans de Wit, John D. Heyl and Tony Adams
SAGE Publications, 2012

2. International Handbook of Higher Education
Part One: Global Themes and Contemporary Challenges
Part Two: Regions and Countries 
James J.F. Forest and Philip G. Altbach
Springer, 2011

3. Developing the Global Student: Higher education in an era of globalization (Internationalization in Higher Education Series) 
David Killick
Routledge, 2014

4. Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning for Home and International Students: Internationalisation of Pedagogy and Curriculum in Higher Education
Janette Ryan
Routledge, 2012

5. British Council Report: The shape of things to come 2
John McNamara, with Dr Jane Knight and Dr Rozilini M Fernandez-Chung
British Council, 2013

6. Beyond the MOOC Hype: A Guide to Higher Education's High-Tech Disruption
Jeffrey R. Young 
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013

7. Comprehensive internationalisation – Institutional pathways to success
John K. Hudzik
Routledge, 2014

8. Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook
Eva Egron-Polak, Madeleine F. Green, Christian Müller, Lewis Purser, and Hanneke Teekens
DUZ Academic Publishers

9. Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility
Bernhard Streitwieser
Symposium Books, 2014

10. Internationalization of the Curriculum
Betty Leask
Routledge, 2015