Workshop 18

Designing and assessing learning outcomes for traineeships abroad

  • Tuesday 24 Sept
  • Room 216, Level 2, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre
  • Level: intermediate
  • €199 (€299 for non-members)
  • Related Expert Communities Mobility Advising Employability

This workshop provides hands-on training to help participants design learning outcomes for the acquisition of transferable skills that can be acquired and enhanced during traineeships abroad. Over the course of the workshop, we will address three major issues: 1) the relevant learning outcomes in this context and mapping these to recent research like the CIMO or Erasmus Impact Study; 2) formulating learning outcomes so that students, academic staff and employers can all understand their meaning and their impact; 3) enabling students to achieve these learning outcomes in practice, and helping students to articulate and demonstrate their achievement to future employers.

Learning outcomes

• Find out how to identify relevant generic skills for traineeships abroad
• Understand how to design clearly formulated learning outcomes that have relevance for all stakeholders involved
• Hear about how to apply suitable techniques to assess the defined learning outcomes
• Learn how to support students in evidencing their learning outcomes to future employers


  • Learning, teaching & curriculum
  • Mobility


  • Gabriele Abermann, 
    Independent, Austria


  • Gabriele Abermann, 
    Independent, Austria
  • Maria Tabuenca-Cuevas, 
    Universidad de Alicante, Spain