Session 01.11

Share and learn: doctoral students in international higher education (pre-apply)

  • Tuesday 24 Sept
  • Room 203B, Level 2, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Strategy and Management

This session is by application only and is only open to registered attendees. It is designed for individuals currently enrolled in a doctoral programme and who are undertaking research on internationalisation. It is aimed at helping you develop insights into ways to increase the impact of your research, develop strategies for making the most of your doctoral experience, while enabling you to connect with doctoral researchers from other institutions, and with experienced scholar-practitioners.

Applications for this session have closed.

If you have any questions, please contact the EAIE Office

Session schedule

The session will run from 13:30–17:00 and will be organised in three parts.

12:30–13:30: Lunch will be offered as a networking opportunity with the participating PhD students and the facilitators

13:30–14:30 Part 1: So what? Achieving impact with your research
We'll begin by discussing the crucial matter of impact—what it is and how we can work to achieve greater visibility and real-world utility of our research. The facilitators and participants will work together to generate greater understanding around how to “tell the story” of one’s research and how to reach a variety of audiences.

14:30–15:45 Part 2: What’s on your mind? Making the most of your doctoral experience
Participants will have an opportunity to share experiences from their research journey so far, including challenges and strategies used to overcome them. This segment will guided discussion and brainstorming about finding strategies to get the most out of the doctoral experience.

15:45–16:15 Break

16:15–16:45 Part 3: Engaging with(in) the EAIE
This segment of the workshop will provide participants with information about the different existing avenues for scholar-practitioners to engage with the EAIE, and will involve participants in strategising about new or enhanced pathways for this kind of engagement, to mutual benefit.

16:45–17:00 Wrap up and concluding thoughts


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Laura Rumbley, 
    EAIE, Netherlands


  • Robert Coelen, 
    NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Fiona Hunter, 
    Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (CHEI), Italy