Session 07.06

Campfire: A student perspective on internationalisation

  • Thursday 26 Sept
  • Campfire pod 01, Level 1, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Internationalisation at Home

At the heart of internationalisation lies students. So what do they have to say about the matter? Come along to this campfire to hear the student perspective on internationalisation both at home and abroad as our very own conference assistants will be reflecting on their 2019 Helsinki conference experience, and will be eager to ask and answer questions about the future of internationalisation.


  • Student experience


  • Rachel MacSween, 
    The University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


  • Wendy Rendon, 
    Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • Connor Wright, 
    University of Exeter
  • Samuel Redford, 
    University of Exeter
  • Jodie Mooney, 
    University of Exeter