Workshop 12

Building the future of business education: using benchmarking as a strategic tool to manage internationalisation

  • Tuesday 24 Sept
  • Room 103B, Level 1, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre
  • Level: advanced
  • €199 (€299 for non-members)
  • Related Expert Communities Business Education Strategy and Management

This workshop will help you take an innovative approach to developing your institution’s internationalisation strategy. Starting with a survey of participants’ views, the workshop will provide answers to the most relevant questions on benchmarking in business and management education, and help you to use benchmarking data as a strategic tool to enhance and promote internationalisation. It will cover the selection criteria for benchmarking partners, the identification of data sources, carrying out analysis, defining benchmarking outcomes, transforming them into actions, and linking them to your institutional strategy. Overall, the workshop will look at benchmarking as a strategic improvement tool for decision-making in internationalisation.

Learning outcomes

• Learn how to develop an internationalisation strategy to support your institution’s aspirations
• Understand how to use benchmarking data as a strategic improvement tool, as well as how to access relevant and trustworthy data
• Find out how to create an institutional culture that allows benchmarking
• Develop your leadership skills in internationalisation


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Marketing & recruitment


  • Mathias Falkenstein, 
    Higher Education Management Group, Germany


  • Olga Sholderer, 
    AACSB, Netherlands
  • Wilfred Mijnhardt, 
    Erasmus University Rotterdam, School of Management, Netherlands