Session 04.01

Mobility Advising presents: Erasmus without paper: digital monster or sustainable hero?

Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) is coming! What feels like a digital monster ready to eat our precious paperwork may prove to be a sustainable hero, ultimately saving us from the mobility tool. This session from the users’ perspective is for sceptics, optimists and the green-hearted, to discuss technical challenges, workload concerns and good practices. Our hands-on experience with digital tools and a roadmap to integrate EWP in existing mobility processes will provide food for thought.


  • Mobility
  • European-funded programmes


  • Marleen van der Ven, 
    Utrecht University, Netherlands


  • Kristin Torp Skogedal, 
    University of Bergen, Norway
  • Jurriën Leonard Haverlag, 
    CACI bv, Netherlands


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