Workshop 06

Credential evaluators' toolbox: online verifications, information resources and non-verifiable documentation

  • Tuesday 24 Sept
  • Room 207, Level 2, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre
  • Level: intermediate
  • €299 (€399 for non-members)
  • Related Expert Communities Admission and Recognition

How do evaluators ensure the correct, fair and non-discriminatory evaluation of foreign education? In politically stable and technologically advanced countries, online verification sources and the use of digital storage for student data is becoming the norm. For individuals arriving from conflict areas and without proper documentation, serious disadvantages can arise if they wish to pursue further studies or employment. This workshop covers the wide variety of tools that are available for the evaluation of foreign educations and provides hands-on training in the use of verification databases, information sources and interview-based evaluation methods.

Learning outcomes

• Understand what the purpose is of verifying foreign credentials and what the limits to verification are
• Learn about the online resources that exist to determine foreign credentials, and how to use them
• Learn about alternative evaluation methods that exist in cases with non-verifiable documentation
• Find out how to choose and apply different evaluation methods in different cases


  • Admissions & accreditation
  • Refugees


  • Carita Blomqvist, 
    Finnish National Agency for Education, Finland


  • Margaret Wenger, 
    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc, USA
  • Marina Malgina, 
    NOKUT, Norway