Workshop 11

Drowning in data, starving for insights: using data strategically and translating it into action for student recruitment

International student recruitment officers have more data sources than ever before on which to base their decisions. With all this data at their disposal, it can be a challenge to figure out which data can be trusted, how to interpret all the available information, and how best to translate it into actual strategies and actions. During this workshop, we’ll empower participants to use data in their day-to-day student recruitment activities, as well as their strategic long-term plans. This workshop aims to showcase how international officers and managers can unleash the power of data and analytics to base their strategic decisions on reliable high quality and high volume data, improving their student recruitment in the process.

Learning outcomes

• Learn how to identify and interpret the right data sources, as well as the tools you can use to apply data to student recruitment
• Understand how to structure your approach to the analysis and application of data
• Be able to cross-reference internal data with multiple available databases worldwide
• Feel confident about drawing up a strategy and developing an action plan based on it


  • Marketing & recruitment
  • Leadership & strategy


  • Maria Kinast, 
    Studyportals, Netherlands


  • Elizabeth Gray, 
    University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Carmen Neghina, 
    Studyportals, Netherlands
  • Mark Vlek de Coningh, 
    Nuffic, Netherlands