Session 08.18

Bracing for Brexit: updates and uncertainties

Brexit’s on-again-off-again dynamics are the subject of ongoing discussion and contingency planning. This session will offer key insights from a range of national contexts into what we currently know about EU-UK relations, how actors in the UK and elsewhere in Europe are considering workable scenarios for the immediate and longer-term future, and how we can work together to ensure continuity in uncertain times.


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Student experience


  • Michelle Stewart, 
    University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


  • Vivienne Stern, 
    Universities UK International (UUKi), United Kingdom
  • Josep Maria Garrell i Guiu, 
    Ramon Llull University, Spain
  • Konstantinos Giannidis, 
    Erasmus Student Network, Belgium
  • Vidar Pedersen, 
    Diku, Norway