Session 08.14

Recognition of soft and extracurricular skills: digital Open Badges to support internationalisation and employability

What have HEIs done to implement the development of transversal, extracurricular skills in academic learning, as defined by the Bologna Process? What tools are available for international educators to foster better employability? The panel will answer questions involving participants and their institutions’ practices, while presenting concrete examples of the use of Open Badges to achieve those goals through the results of an Erasmus+ project led by the French Ministry of Higher Education.


  • Learning, teaching & curriculum
  • Admissions & accreditation


  • Sabine Sainte-Rose, 
    UniversitĂ© Grenoble Alpes, France


  • Caroline Belan-Menagier, 
    Confederal University Leonardo Da Vinci, France
  • Laura Appiani, 
    UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy