Workshop 05

Best practices in evaluating foreign credentials

Are you relatively new to the field of evaluation and recognition of foreign credentials? This workshop offers an introduction to the most important aspects of this dynamic field, such as: the criteria and procedures used, as advocated by the Lisbon Recognition Convention; the requisite documentation; dealing with refugee applications; sourcing accurate, up-to-date information; developing a step-by-step evaluation methodology; and ways to combat fraud. Participants can expect to benefit from a hands-on approach that draws on case study examples. They will also have the opportunity to share information and experiences with peers, and absorb the extensive knowledge and expertise of the presenters.

Learning outcomes

• Understand how to apply the Lisbon Recognition Convention
• Learn about foreign education systems, file requirements and key educational terminology
• Find out how to develop and maintain good practices in foreign credential evaluation, as well as how to use foreign education systems’ information resources
• Recognise fraudulent and non-accredited credentials


  • Admissions & accreditation
  • Marketing & recruitment


  • Stéphanie Saavedra, 
    NUFFIC, Netherlands


  • Dorthe Pedersen, 
    Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, Denmark
  • Stéphanie Saavedra, 
    NUFFIC, Netherlands