Mentorship programme

The EAIE Mentorship programme is a collaborative platform for EAIE members to develop supportive relationships in the international education community. Through this exclusive programme, members will build mutual learning partnerships and connect with the global EAIE community. Individuals who are new to their positions are paired with experienced professionals who can offer valuable guidance and advice. Applications for the 2023 mentorship programme are now closed.

Important dates


    Pairs are informed of their match

  • Mid

    Virtual introductory meeting for pairs

Join a global network of international higher education professionals



As a mentee, you have the opportunity to interact with an experienced professional from the field and ask for advice on specific projects or activities. You will build a collaborative cross-generational relationship with your mentor and engage in mutual learning. You will work closely together on creating an action plan for reaching your developmental goals with specific objectives and actions.


  • You are new to your field, joining within the last five years, or have recently changed positions.
  • You are ready to take initiative and define concrete career goals with the help of someone with years of experience in your industry.
  • You are eager to learn and are invested in professional development. 
  • You are prepared to share your knowledge and perspectives with your mentor.


As a mentor, you will guide and empower the next generation while gaining new insights and energy into your work. Engage in mutual learning and strengthen your leadership skills by spending a few hours every month mentoring an individual who is new to their position. You will work on an action plan together and look for ways to connect your mentee with professionals from your network.


  • You have more than five years of experience in your position or area of expertise. 
  • You are enthusiastic about sharing your industry insights to help uplift your mentee in their career.
  • You communicate effectively with others and can be trusted to keep confidential information your mentee shares.

How does it work?

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    Apply and get paired with a mentor or mentee

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    Attend a virtual introductory meeting in April

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    Make an action plan for the year ahead

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    Check in monthly to connect on progress made