Valère Meus

University of Ghent, Belgium

After being Head of the University of Ghent’s Language Centre for many years Valère Meus served as Head of the International Relations Office for six years until the autumn of 2011. He is now an international relations expert within the same office. He has been involved in European educational projects from the very beginning and coordinated an Erasmus ICP for the less widely taught European languages in 1991. He was active in Tempus projects in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. More recently he was the project coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Projects of Ghent University for the Western Balkans, China and South East Asia. Presently, he is the co-ordinator of the three-year LLP Erasmus Egracons project that started in 2012. On the Flemish level he heads a working group that tries to streamline data collection and reporting with respect to the European Council's 2020 guidelines for mobility. He is an elected member of the Santander Group Network Executive Committee.