Stephanie Griffiths

King’s College London, United Kingdom
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Stephanie Griffiths

A specialist in student mental health, with a focus on outreach and training within HE

Stephanie has been Head of Counselling at King’s College London since January 2013, having previously been Deputy Head for over 15 years. She was a speaker for the EAIE Expert Community Guidance and Counselling at EAIE Conferences. She studied English and Education at Goldsmiths University, Psychology at Birkbeck University and Guidance and Counselling at Reading University. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Stephanie has developed a programme of outreach and training, with the aim of enabling home and international students, academics and frontline administrative staff to be trained in the psychological pressures that they may encounter. She is currently gaining instructor approval for Mental Health First Aid training. In 2015 Stephanie embarked on a study trip to Fudan and Shanghai Jaio Tong Universities, with the objective of understanding the presentation and treatment of mental health issues amongst students in China. She aims to bring a better focus to psychological work with this group of international students. She has been a trainer at many EAIE events and is currently a Steering group member in the EAIE Expert Community Guidance and Counselling.