Sari Horn

LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland
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Sari Horn

Wide-ranging international experience in higher education.

Sari currently works as the International Relations Coordinator at LAB University of Applied Sciences in Finland. In this role, she develops and coordinates a range of activities to support the internationalisation of the university.

Her passion is to provide meaningful international opportunities for students and staff - both incoming and outgoing. With 18 years of experience, Sari has key skills and an active role in developing activities and supporting strategic cooperation at degree programme as well as institutional level. Sari has expertise in planning and running short courses such as winter and summer schools as well as multidisciplinary and multinational intensive programmes. By having a global perspective and a wide international network of colleagues, she brings together the key players that have allowed the international agenda to grow and create a large social network. Sari’s teamworking and organisational skills have been central to this success.

Sari attended her first EAIE Conference in Torino in 2004 and has been an active participant ever since acquiring knowledge and skills that have been crucial to developing the international agenda. For the last six years, Sari has been involved with the EAIE Expert Community Summer Schools, four years as a Steering group member and two years as a Chair and a member of the General Council from 2020 to 2022.