Rune By

University of Stavanger, Norway
Rune By

Dr Rune Todnem By is a Professor of Leadership at the University of Stavanger in Norway. He is also chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation, and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Change Management: Reframing Leadership and Organizational Practice. 

He is driven by a mission to explore and establish new ways of perceiving and practising leadership in support of the delivery of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and beyond. Arguing that senior decision-makers are currently trying to solve new challenges with old approaches, Rune emphasises leadership as something we do rather than something we are.

In his 2021 article ‘Leadership: In Pursuit of Purpose’, Rune introduces the PAC leadership approach with a focus on the production of Purpose, Alignment, and Commitment, and the Telos Leadership Lens (TLL) arguing that (1) leadership is a responsibility of the many, not a privilege of the few; (2) leadership is the collective pursuit of delivering on purpose; and (3) leadership purpose is to be guided by internal goods (exemplified by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals).

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