Rob O'Dowd

University of León, Spain
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    • Learning, teaching & curriculum
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Rob O'Dowd

Robert O’Dowd is a lecturer in Foreign Language Education at the University of León, Spain. He also has a role in the university’s Vice-rectorate for International Affairs, working as Director for International Training. He has served on the Language and Culture Steering group for the past number of years and has greatly enjoyed promoting language and intercultural learning activities within the EAIE. Robert started the Language and Culture page on LinkedIn, organised a conference workshop on telecollaborative exchange and is also co-organising a special Academy training course on English Medium Instruction. He is particularly interested in Online Intercultural Exchange and in exploring how online communication can be exploited by universities to support and enhance student learning. This term he plans to look for ways to provide training for EAIE members in English medium instruction and in Online Exchange, as he believes that these are two very important areas where Language and Culture can support EAIE members.