Queenie Lam

University of Trier, Germany
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Queenie Lam

讀萬卷書,不如行萬里路。 Mobility experience matters.

Queenie Lam is Research Fellow at the Sinology Institute, University of Trier, Germany. She has extensive experience in international higher education as a participant of programmed/self-initiated mobility; an administrator of academic links, a senior advisor of a Brussels-based think tank, and a doctoral graduate of CHEGG and INCHER. She has personally experienced formal education in five different systems (CN, HK, US, BE, DE), and informal education in a couple of others and at the open sea.  

At UniTrier, she is preparing a multi-disciplinary project on the transculturality of overseas-educated “Chinese” intellectuals.

Queenie holds a BA in Translation and an MPhil in Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and an MA in Higher Education from INCHER-Kassel. She just successfully defended her doctoral thesis for a double degree in Sociology from UGent and UniKassel. She is also an expert of Erasmus+, and a Freiberuflerin in Germany.  

Queenie is Co-Lead of the Working Group Global ISM flows and trends at the macro level of the European Network on International Student Mobility. She is also a member of EAIE and CHER. Queenie is a member of the EAIE’s Publications Committee as of September 2022.