Montse Romero-Mas

University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia, Spain
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Montse Romero-Mas

When I walk along with two others, from at least one I may learn.

Montse is the Head of International Promotion Alliances Unit at the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia and the International Relations Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Health Sciences&Welfare.

She has been working in Higher Education internationalisation for the last 10 years, mainly focused on the health field. She promotes and supports institutional participation in academic cooperation projects that particularly affect internationalisation, teaching innovation, digitisation and mobility. She strongly believes in the power of networking, exchange of knowledge and communities. 

Monste holds a PhD in Integral Care and Health Services as well as a Master’s degree in information and Knowledge Society and a Master's degree in International SME Management and a Bachelor's in Computing. In September 2022 she joined the EAIE Expert Community Health and Welfare Education as an Associate.