Monique Swennenhuis

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
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    • Marketing & recruitment
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Monique Swennenhuis

Monique Swennenhuis is Strategic Advisor International Marketing and International Affairs at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands. Within the EAIE she is a trainer and presenter. Monique has worked in various disciplines within internationalisation since 1996 and has 18 years of experience in international higher education marketing. She has experience with all aspects of marketing and recruitment, be it enrolment management, CRM, marketing and recruitment tools, website, or portfolio management. She is a board member of the Dutch Higher Education Network on International Marketing, and a regular presenter and workshop leader at the EAIE Conference, on topics such as the basics of marketing and CRM. Monique has an MA in English Language and Literature,  an MA in Language and Speech Pathology,  an International Certification as NLP trainer, and a teaching degree.