Mirjam Schieveld

Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS), Netherlands

Mirjam Schieveld studied cultural anthropology and non-western sociology at the University of Amsterdam. In the early days of the internet she gave courses on the use of multimedia and online sources for classroom use. In 1995, she started the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society together with her former mentors. In 1997, the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences hired her to set up the Summer Institute as an integral part of the school. Since then, she has been developing all the summer programmes for what is now the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS). She is also the co-founder and Programme Director of the Summer Institute on Addiction. She now heads the Summer Programmes Office of the GSSS, which offers six open enrolment courses, as well as several tailor-made courses for partner universities. She created and taught the course on Sexuality and Gender in the Context of Amsterdam for IES and has given various guest lectures in the field of social problems in the Netherlands.