Marta Topornicka

University of East London, United Kingdom
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    • Marketing & recruitment
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Marta Topornicka

Marta Topornicka is Associate Director, Marketing and Student Recruitment at University of East London, UK. Marta specialises in developing integrated approaches that connect universities’ long term vision, mission and strategy with operational plans and outputs. She has broad expertise in customer lifecycle management frameworks and a keen interest in behavioural psychology and decision-making models, including the role of disruption and innovation in short term customer engagement and long term brand building. She has led Middlesex University Student Recruitment Marketing to win HEIST UK 2016 Gold Award for Innovation in Marketing, for MDX Digital Customer Journey model. Marta holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow, one of the most renowned selective universities in Poland.