Karin Klitgaard Møller

CIEE Global Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark
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Karin Klitgaard Møller

Karin is the Director of the CIEE Global Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. Karin holds a Master’s degree in English and minority studies from the University of Copenhagen and spent a year studying abroad at the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is also a qualified intercultural development inventory (IDI) administrator. Karin has worked in the field of international education for more than 20 years, among other things having been in charge of the section for incoming students at the University of Copenhagen’s International Office and, later Manager of Student Advising and International Relations at EDU Denmark before taking her current position. She has been an EAIE trainer since 2006 and has served as Chair of the EAIE Expert Community Mobility Advising from 2004 until September 2012. She was a member of the EAIE General Council.