Karin Frydenlund

Malmö University, Sweden
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Karin Frydenlund

Internationalisation of medicine and health education is highly important and challenging and needs creative international managers.

Karin is Head of the International Office at Malmö University in Sweden since February 2017. The office is in charge of the university’s international activities such as mobility services, marketing and recruitment, and housing, and provides support to the university management. Prior to her current position, Karin was Head of the International Office at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University (Sweden) where for nine years she was instrumental in bringing internationalisation to the agenda of Health Sciences curricula. Her office’s main objective was to enhance and support the development of international activities with a focus on cultural competences through mobility, internationalisation at home and global health related activities for undergraduate and graduate students. Her focuses include representing internationalisation processes towards the university management and her past experience includes working on internationalisation of PhD education at University of Southampton, England as well as running a student office at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. Karin holds a Master’s degree in media and communications management from Middlesex University, London, and a Bachelor’s in communication and political science from Lund University, Sweden. She has also studied Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University, Sweden. Karin has a strong interest in the field of intercultural communication and runs workshops for academics, students and administrative staff. She belongs to the EAIE Expert Community Health and Welfare Education.