Joanna Kartasiewicz

Kozminski University, Poland
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Joanna Kartasiewicz

International project coordinator and research manager.

Joanna works as Research Manager at Kozminski University, a business school in Warsaw, Poland. She has a broad, interdisciplinary university educational background, holding Master’s degrees in sociology and international relations from the University of Warsaw, and has completed an executive education programme in economics at Kozminski University. Her experience includes working in state administration and at higher education institutions, appointments at which she has strived from the beginning to promote international collaboration. She has facilitated the development of non-EU partnerships and projects for academic exchange and international mobility programmes for students, members of faculty and staff funded mainly by the European Commission. She has also been responsible for the administration of numerous international projects, both mobility- and research-oriented. Her main area of expertise is internationalisation of higher education institutions with a particular focus on business schools, international funding, research marketing and project management. Joanna was elected as a General Council member for the 2020–2022 term.