Jessica Price

LUNEX University, Luxembourg
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Jessica Price

Jessica works as Programme Leader of Health and Wellbeing at the LUNEX University in Luxemburg. She is also an academic lecturer and higher education consultant in the field of diversity and mental health for various universities in Germany. Her passion for working with internationals and the challenges they face when moving abroad is central to the work she is doing. Since 2008, after relocating to Bremen, she worked as a consultant for higher education institutions in mental health, diversity and inclusion. Since 2018, she also works partially with “Refugio Bremen e.V.”, an organisation that offers psychological therapy to refugees and victims of war. Her website “Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy” is a trusting and safe space where international clients can be truly open about the challenges of being “lost in translation” and “lost in culture”. She teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and Jacobs University on topics such as Gender and Multiculturalism, Intercultural Competence and Sensitivity and Organisational Behaviour, among others. She holds two Master’s degrees from New York University and Jacobs University and a PhD in Psychology also from Jacobs University. Jessica was elected as Steering group member of the Expert Community Guidance and Counselling for the 2022–2024 term.