Jelly Offereins

HU Business School Utrecht, the Netherlands
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Jelly Offereins

Jelly Offereins is Director International Affairs HU Business School Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Jelly graduated in Marketing (Netherlands, 1986) and Hotel Management (Switzerland/Michigan, 1987), and holds a diploma in Public Relations. Before joining Higher Education in the early 90's, Jelly gained solid management experience in the hospitality industry in Switzerland, India, UK and the Netherlands, and developed a strong international orientation. Business experience, together with experience in teaching and educational management, form a useful foundation in her daily strive to contribute to personal and professional development of future managers with an international focus. Jelly’s expertise includes planning, implementation and evaluation of internationalisation strategies and actions and in organising HE-internationalisation events at home and abroad. Jelly has a thorough knowledge of, and interest in marketing, business and higher education. Jelly is task- and people-oriented, with a strong focus on intercultural business communication, and excellent communication skills. She was Vice-Chair of the EAIE Expert Community Economics and Business Studies (EBS).