Hendrik Jan Hobbes

Nuffic, the Netherlands
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Hendrik Jan Hobbes

Hendrik Jan has been Policy Officer at Nuffic’s Expertise department since 2008. He is an expert on internationalisation at home, mapping internationalisation and describing and measuring learning outcomes, especially of internationalisation. He was a member of the EAIE’s General Council. At Nuffic, Hendrik Jan is responsible for internationalisation at home and for the MINT Project, a successful mapping tool for internationalisation based on self-evaluation in an online environment that helps institutions in preparing for accreditation and applying for special feature certificates like CeQuint. He is also currently involved in projects related to opening up data sources on internationalisation of education; interactively presenting graphics based on detailed questions asked of users; and describing, measuring and assessing intercultural learning outcomes. Finally, he is an Nuffic trainer and develops courses for the Nuffic course programme. He holds a degree from Leiden University Law School in the Netherlands.