Géraldine Dufour

Therapeutic Consultations, United Kingdom
Géraldine Dufour

Expert consultancy in student counselling and mental health, training and supervision.

After 20 years working in universities, Géraldine set up Therapeutic Consultations to work directly with individuals and organisations across the sector on issues related to counselling, mental health and wellbeing. As a former head of counselling at the University of Cambridge, chair of national executive committees for student mental health and counselling, and founding member of national research groups in student mental health, Géraldine has wide-ranging therapeutic experience. Former French Erasmus student, she developed an international outlook, working on different continents with students and staff from all backgrounds, collaborating with international colleagues, and gaining a visiting professorship at Fudan University. This spurred her interest in cross-cultural work, difference and diversity.

Géraldine holds an MA in counselling, supplemented by professional training in online counselling, clinical supervision, alcohol and drugs interventions, consultation and coaching.

In September 2022, she became an Associate in the Expert Community Guidance and Counselling