Floris Metzner

University of Twente, the Netherlands
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    • Marketing & recruitment
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Floris Metzner

Online Marketeer at the University of Twente (NL), functionalist. Specialised in measurement techniques and advanced online marketing with Student recruitment context.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Business Administration, Floris developed his knowledge and (technical) marketing skills in various roles: as a faculty member, a programme marketeer, project member and project leader, event organiser but also outside the university running his own business and working with completely different target groups (health sector, well-being, service and consumer). He is able to transfer his technical knowledge of marketing to people without having any technical background. Floris supports students with their data and thesis projects and is also involved in different in-house training activities at the university. Next to this he joined EAIE as a trainer 3 years ago in order to share and inspire other marketing people with his experience and knowledge about complex and challenging marketing situations. He loves to improve the online world!