Femke ten Bloemendal

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Femke ten Bloemendal

Femke ten Bloemendal is Co-ordinator Internationalisation at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands. She has worked for the UvA since 2003. Prior to her work at the UvA she has worked with expats in relocation services and with teenagers on exchange programmes. She holds a MA in interdisciplinary social science from the University of Utrecht and a BA in socio-legal services from the University of Applied Science in Utrecht. During her studies she specialised in working with teenagers and young adults. Femke has been involved with the EAIE Expert Community Access & Inclusion since its formation. Her interest was sparked by cases of incoming exchange students with disabilities. Realising this was an area that needed further development she has been involved in developing workshops and sessions for the EAIE. In 2012, Femke was awarded a Fulbright-Schuman scholarship for research at the University of Connecticut with the title: Study abroad with disabilities in US-EU partnerships. Her research involved looking into best practices, new theories around Universal Design in instruction and cultural, legal differences between Europe and the USA.