David Perry

Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur, France
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David Perry

David Perry is Director of Development and International Affairs at HEI: Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur, Lille, France. Since 1885 HEI has prepared Ingénieurs pour le Monde, developing Managing Engineers for the World. HEI is member of the Group HEI-ISA-ISEN, Graduate Engineering Schools of the Grande Ecole Polytechnical Schools. David has pursued an international career in Industry, Government and Education beginning in Biotechnology at the Pasteur Institute, moving on to Canada and then back to France into various international project roles of business development, innovation and new products. He has authored 40 publications, 5 patents, presented at over 200 conferences and mentored many graduate students through adjunct professorships in Canada: Armand Frappier Institute, Laval University, Concordia University, University of Waterloo; France: School of Applied Biology, Paris, University of Toulouse; Germany: Düsseldorf University; Spain (Cataluña); Barcelona Automnous University; The Netherlands: University of Wageningen and the USA: University of Virginia. David was a member of the EAIE General Council (2014–2016).