Damiano Pinnacchio

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
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Damiano Pinnacchio

Resilience, knowledge sharing and dialogue are the keywords for a better world.

Damiano Pinnacchio is International Relations Coordinator at Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy. With a background in Economics and Cooperation, he has over fifteen years of experience in the field of international cooperation and development of higher education institutions.
Damiano was a member and coordinator of working groups to develop joint projects in partnership with institutions located in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Russia. In his current position, he leads international cooperation agreements with foreign universities and institutions. He has helped foster the process of internationalisation at home, the development of curricula in English, dual-degree programmes as well as mobility for students and academics, incoming and outgoing. He is an active member of many international networks and participates as a speaker in many conferences and webinars.             
He served as a Steering group member of the EAIE Expert Community Cooperation for Development from 2018 to 2020 and as a EAIE Board member from 2020 to 2022.