César Álvarez Alonso

Harvard University, USA
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César Álvarez Alonso

Passionate about international higher education as a university lecturer, administrator, researcher, and knowledge management consultant

Dr. César Álvarez Alonso is currently the Executive Director at RCC, Harvard University, and Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School. He is co-chair of the "Internationalization and Innovation in Higher Education" Study Group. He recently worked in Central Africa as an international consultant with a focus on government negotiations for the implementation of international universities. Cesar is the Founder of IQSOS Consulting. For the last years, he was the Director of Institutional and International Relations of the Spanish governmental foundation for the internationalisation of higher education. He has served in a number of roles both at international and national levels in educational advisory groups and executive positions. He was representative to the Bologna Follow-Up Group within the Information and Promotion Network. He has been member of the US-Spain Fulbright Commission, Adviser to the President of the Spanish Rectors Council (CRUE), and Executive Director of the SGroup, European Universites Network, in Brussels, as well as EU Observer.