Caspar de Bok

Utrecht University, the Netherlands
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Caspar de Bok

With a pragmatic and analytic approach, Caspar creates bridges between professionals in higher education

Caspar de Bok is Head of International Affairs at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His main tasks are in strategic advice and policy with respect to internationalisation (in education, research, support and international relations management) and in the implementation of the Faculty work programme for internationalisation. He is chair of the Internationalisation team and coordinator for the Diversity programme at the Faculty. Caspar oversees and coordinates various internationalisation initiatives and advises the Board of the Faculty on strategies to improve its internationalisation ambition in its broader sense, both internally and externally. He previously worked for 10 years as Senior Policy Adviser, Internationalisation at Utrecht University Corporate Offices. Caspar has a great deal of experience in international networking in higher education at various levels, including as Utrecht University’s Senior Officer in LERU, as Secretariat of Utrecht Network and as a Coordinator of various EC-funded projects. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Biology from Utrecht University, the Netherlands and is currently a member of the Conference Programme Committee.