Arnim Heinemann

University of Bayreuth, Germany
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Arnim Heinemann

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela) 

Arnim Heinemann is Senior Executive Director and oversees University of Bayreuth’s global engagement with offices in Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. During 20 years in academia and the German diplomatic service, he specialised in science diplomacy, strategic internationalisation and global higher education leadership, research networks and sustainable collaboration worldwide. Arnim holds a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from Martin Luther University in Germany.  

Arnim is a speaker and exhibitor in global professional higher education networks (AIEA, APAIE, EURIE, IEAA, NAFSA and EAIE) and events. Since 2020, he is president of SGroup – Universities in Europe. He is member of the committee for new funding programmes at DAAD and founding member of the German steering committee of Scholars at Risk.  

Arnim is currently a Member of the Publications Committee.