Adrian Sherman

Global Professional Consultants, USA

Adrian Sherman currently heads Global Professional Consultants, a registry of international experts. Adrian is also a private consultant and works with various organisations regarding internationalisation, mental health issues in international education, and cross-cultural awareness. He still occasionally teaches in areas such as Cross-cultural Psychology, Global Perspectives on Mental Health, and Cross-cultural Communication. He is also a Licensed Psychologist in the State of North Carolina. Adrian holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Biology, a Masters in General/Experimental Psychology and he earned his PhD in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, US. His research interests centre around gender differences in personality variables that affect mental health and he has published several articles in this area. He has worked in academe for over twenty five years as a teacher, department chair, and administrator for international education. Over the course of his career, he has travelled extensively, taught and done research in the People’s Republic of China, developed numerous study abroad programmes, led programmes abroad, and dealt with several emergency mental health issues abroad.