Beer Schröder

ICE - International Consulting in Education, the Netherlands
Beer Schröder

Beer R.E.V.M. Schröder is an independent consultant in international education.

His career in internationalisation spans across many years during which he has designed and implemented scholarships and capacity building programmes on behalf of the Dutch and other governments, as well as the European Commission. He is a specialist in capacity development, international cooperation and the broad spectrum of internationalisation of education. As such, he acted as advisor to several national agencies, governments and (inter)national institutions and organisations.

He worked at Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, in various management and expert positions. He also published studies and articles related to internationalising education, among others, The International Course Organiser’s Handbook and “Safety and Security Issues in Mobility” in Internationalisation of Higher Education. He received a special honour on 5 March 2019, when he was ordained Officer in the Royal Order of Orange – Nassau.

Beer received the EAIE Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2019 for his commitment as a long-serving EAIE member, experienced and loved session speaker and an advocate for the LGTBQ+ rights in the community. He has worked tirelessly to better the field of international education for more than 36 years.