EAIE Award for Vision and Leadership

Vision and leadership are fundamental in pushing the boundaries of international education. This award recognises inspiring individuals or organisations for their remarkable achievements in demonstrating and developing strategies that create new ways of thinking and opportunities in the field of international higher education.  

This year's winner is the Ukrainian higher education sector as a whole. The EAIE aims to recognise and applaud the outstanding fortitude and resilience displayed by Ukrainian higher education institutions throughout the Russian government invasion and the conflict that continues to claim lives every day in Ukraine.

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee has a proven record of providing vision, leadership and inspiration in international higher education to others. 
  • The nominee is widely recognised as a person who has contributed to both leadership processes and results in international higher education with dedication, innovation and perseverance. 
  • The nominee has been active in international higher education leadership for at least 10 years with a documented record of high professional standards that reflect one or more of the EAIE values: collaborative, inspiring, inclusive, excellence. 
  • The nominator is a member of the EAIE. 
  • The nominee is not required to be a member of the EAIE.   

History of the award

The Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership, now the EAIE Award for Vision and Leadership, is dedicated to its namesake who worked tirelessly at the frontlines of internationalisation. 


Constance Meldrum was a pioneer, innovator and a staunch supporter of the EAIE. Her work for the European Commission was instrumental in setting up cooperation activities in higher education between Europe and North America. She strived to create something beyond the ordinary, not accepting the status quo. Constance passed away in 2003, and her substantial bequest supported the Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership.