Frequently Asked Questions

Which EAIE awards can I submit a nomination for?

The EAIE currently recognises outstanding contributions to the international higher education field through three different awards:

  • EAIE Award for Excellence in Internationalisation
  • EAIE Award for Vision and Leadership
  • EAIE Award for Outstanding Contribution

EAIE members may submit nominations for all awards.

Do I have to be an EAIE member to nominate someone?

Yes, only EAIE members may submit award nominations.

Is the person I'm nominating required to be a member?

Nominees for the EAIE Award for Vision and Leadership do not have to be an EAIE member. Nominees for the EAIE Awards for Excellence in Internationalisation and for Outstanding Contribution are required to be a current EAIE member.

When can I submit my award nomination?

Nominations for the 2022 EAIE Awards will open in March 2022.

What happens after I submit my nomination?

The nominator will receive an email confirming the nomination. Nominations will be evaluated by the Awards and Talent Committee mid-year.