Tony Adams Award for Excellence in Research

This award was launched in honour of Tony Adams whose dedicated work in the field of international education and exceptional commitment to the EAIE have left a global legacy. The award recognises a Master’s thesis, PhD thesis, article or paper that demonstrates innovativeness, influence and impact on theory of internationalisation of higher education and/or importance to the practice of international education. The call for nominations is closed. The Awards and Talent Committee is currently reviewing the nominations, stay tuned to find out the results!

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee has researched and written a Master’s thesis, PhD thesis, article or paper on a topic in any of the areas of interest to the EAIE Expert Communities, or any other dimension of international education, with a preference for European developments in the internationalisation of education.
  • The work combines and addresses both theory and practice.
  • The nominee is not required to be an EAIE member. The nominator must be an EAIE member.

The winner will receive

  • A fee waiver for the Annual EAIE Conference.
  • Depending on the nature of the research, the opportunity to publish the paper as an article in one of the EAIE's publications.
  • Extensive visibility via all EAIE online channels.