EAIE Award for Excellence in Internationalisation

We empower our community to continuously improve on and challenge the status quo in the field of internationalisation. This award celebrates higher education institutions that have demonstrated excellence in the field. We want to acknowledge successfully developed and implemented internationalisation strategies and activities that include, reflect or promote three or more of the EAIE values: collaborative, inspiring, inclusive, excellence. 

Our university is strongly committed to the internationalisation of academic training. We believe that plurality of cultures creates an intellectually stimulating environment and high-quality education.

Palacký University Olomouc

Czech Republic

EAIE Award for Excellence in Internationalisation

Celebrating excellence

Palacký University Olomouc shared their success story at the Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Helsinki in the session: Excellence in internationalisation: the 2019 EAIE Institutional Award finalists. They have been joined by the West University of Timișoara, who the EAIE Awards and Talent Committee awarded 'highly commended' for their journey to internationalisation.

Eligibility criteria

  • The institution is located in one of the member countries of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). 
  • The institution has designed, developed and implemented an international strategy and activities (such as projects, initiatives programmes or procedures) promoting responsible international higher education and demonstrating excellence in internationalisation.  
  • The institution’s internationalisation strategy and activities include, reflects or promotes at least three of the EAIE values: collaborative, inspiring, inclusive, excellence.
  • The institution’s activities have specific and significant outcomes, which are made available and shared with other institutions.  
  • The nominator is a member of the EAIE and employed by the nominated institution.

History of the award

This award combines the previous EAIE Institutional Award for Innovation and Internationalisation and the Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice. Bo Gregersen was an exceptional driving force behind the development of best practices in the field of international higher education.


Bo Gregersen was a collaborative and inclusive leader who personified standards of good practice in the field of international education. He received the EAIE Best Practice Award in 2005 for the instrumental role he played in helping the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark transition into an international institution. Bo passed away in 2008, and the award was renamed the Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice to reflect not only his contribution to international education, but also his exceptional integrity as a person and colleague.