Top 5 podcast episodes of 2022

Top 5 EAIE podcast episodes of 2022

As the EAIE podcast grows another year older, take a look back on the top 5 most listened-to episodes of 2022. EAIE Associate Director Laura Rumbley hosted a variety of guests from professors to student leaders to help listeners better understand the big issues we face in the sector.

1. Ellen Hazelkorn: The plusses and minuses of university rankings

Podcast guest Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, one of the leading experts on international higher education, discusses the highly contested subject of university rankings.

2. Karina Bilokon: One Ukrainian student’s story

Get an inside look into the first-hand experience of a Ukrainian student as she watches the war in her home country unfold while studying abroad.

3. Ajibola Odukoya: Innovative Africa

Listen in to learn how Europe and Africa can work together to support Africa's innovative startups and technology hubs as they grow in numbers across the continent.

4. Alejandra Vicencio & Frank Ziegele: That first job in international education

Discover how recent graduates can step into that first job in international education as they transition from education to the world of work.

5. Alyona Ovchinnikova and Christof Van Mol: Language proximity and student mobility

Listen in to understand what role language might play in influencing international students’ decisions when choosing a destination for their studies.

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